ArduinoISP for ATTiny85

Posted on January 3, 2012

I recently bought an ATTiny85, which i wanted to program through my Arduino Uno. I followed the tutorial here, but i couldn’t get it to work (got an stk500 programmer is not responding error). I desperately tried to get it to work, double checking all connections and so on, tried alternative fixes (like adding a resistor). But it simply wouldn’t work.

Programming ATTiny85 with Arduino
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I first discovered that there where some problems with the older version of ATTiny ArduinoISP “core”, in other words the zip file downloaded in the tutorial. You should download the latest version at

After installing that i discovered that the heartbeat led (pin9) of ArduinoISP froze when i tried to upload my code to the ATTiny. After hours of research on the web i finally found the solution here. You have to change the following in the ArduinoISP sketch which you uploaded to your Arduino:

Then upload it to your Arduino. After that you simply have to tell the Arduino IDE to use that baudrate. Change the arduinoisp.speed parameter in programmers.txt to 9600.


The programmers.txt file can be found in the folder where Arduino is installed/hardware/arduino/programmers.txt. On Mac OS X that would be /Applications/ On Linux/BSD you can usually find it in /usr/share/arduino/….. and in Windows C:\Files... (I haven’t actually checked on Windows).

After that you can simply upload your sketch to the ATTiny85 using your Arduino. I hope this article has helped you.

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