ArduinoISP for ATTiny85

Posted on January 3, 2012

I re­cently bought an AT­Tiny85, which i wanted to pro­gram through my Ar­duino Uno. I fol­lowed the tu­to­rial here, but i couldn’t get it to work (got an stk500 pro­grammer is not re­sponding er­ror). I des­per­ately tried to get it to work, double checking all con­nec­tions and so on, tried al­ter­na­tive fixes (like adding a re­sis­tor). But it simply wouldn’t work.

Programming ATTiny85 with Arduino
(Image stolen from http://hlt.­me­di­­du/?p=1229)

I first dis­cov­ered that there where some prob­lems with the older ver­sion of AT­Tiny Ar­duinoISP “core”, in other words the zip file down­loaded in the tu­to­r­ial. You should down­load the latest ver­sion at http://­code.­google.­com/p/ar­duino-tiny/.

After in­stalling that i dis­cov­ered that the heart­beat led (pin9) of Ar­duinoISP froze when i tried to up­load my code to the AT­Tiny. After hours of re­search on the web i fi­nally found the so­lu­tion here. You have to change the fol­lowing in the Ar­duinoISP sketch which you up­loaded to your Ar­duino:

Then up­load it to your Ar­duino. After that you simply have to tell the Ar­duino IDE to use that bau­drate. Change the ar­duinois­p.speed pa­ra­meter in pro­gram­mer­s.txt to 9600.


The pro­gram­mer­s.txt file can be found in the folder where Ar­duino is in­stalled/hard­ware/ar­duino/pro­gram­mer­s.txt. On Mac OS X that would be /Ap­pli­ca­tion­s/Ar­duino.ap­p/­Con­tents/Re­sources/­Java/hard­ware/ar­duino/pro­gram­mer­s.txt. On Lin­ux/BSD you can usu­ally find it in /us­r/share/ar­duino/….. and in Win­dows C:\­Files... (I haven’t ac­tu­ally checked on Win­dows).

After that you can simply up­load your sketch to the AT­Tiny85 using your Ar­duino. I hope this ar­ticle has helped you.

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