Improving your coffee experience

Posted on January 15, 2012

I am very picky about how my coffee is pre­pared. I roast my own cof­fee. I am a coffee geek. It is very hard to get de­cent coffee in Fin­land. The stan­dard coffee smells sour, tastes sour and is gen­er­ally un­drink­able. Thus I have to make it at home. Like any de­cent coffee geek I have a french press and a hand-mill (Hario Sker­ton). There are some things you have to think about if you want to im­prove your coffee ex­pe­ri­ence:

coffee grinder

  1. Use fresh beans
    This is the most im­por­tant factor of all. If you don’t have fresh beans you cannot make good cof­fee. With fresh beans I mean beans that have been roasted less than 1 month ago.

  2. Min­i­mize ex­po­sure to air
    Try to min­i­mize the time be­tween grinding the beans and brew­ing. I would start by boiling the water and when the water is to boil start grinding the beans.

  3. Try dif­ferent vari­a­tions
    Don’t al­ways use the same kind of cof­fee. Try some ex­otic African or In­done­sian cof­fees. Ad­just the grind set­ting, brew time, tem­per­a­ture, etc.

  4. Roast your own beans
    This will bring you into a new world. There are so many more vari­ables that you can ad­just if you roast your own cof­fee. Also it is much cheaper to buy green beans than roasted beans. Al­though it takes some work it is well worth it.

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